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Our online Player Program course allows players of all levels to view the game in a way that they have never done before.

The vast majority of players, across the course of their career from youth to professional player, would not have received the level of coaching required to improve and develop them as individual.

Most professional players still do not receive this. Remember the controversy surrounding Pep Guardiola's individual feedback provided to Raheem Sterling directly after a game in which he scored?

With the time constraints that youth coaches have, maybe only being able to see their players 3 or 4 times per week, or the pressure of working in a results driven industry that professional and college coaches have, most players will only ever have received advice in terms of groups or units that, if they work better together, will give the team a better chance of success, without much consideration of the individual. 


Our course is principle-based and will take players through around 20 hours of principle-based learning and player development that, although will undoubtedly improve the quality of team play, is designed to heighten the game insight and performance of the individual player. 


As the player moves through the course, he will read information on each player in each line of the field, both in and out of possession and begin to understand the roles and responsibilities that these players have in all phases of play and all zones of the field.


The positions that are covered in extreme detail are;


  • Centrebacks

  • Fullbacks

  • Midfield

  • Wingers

  • Strikers


The learning material will be accompanied by graphics and video for every piece of learning, drawing video analysis from top-flight competitions from around the world.


The course will leave the learner with an unparalleled knowledge and understanding of each of the outfield players as individuals, their roles and responsibilities and how these are connected in their lines.


Who should register for this course?


Currently we have professional players from all around the world, academy players, college players and high-level club-players registered to this course.


Why are they studying this course?

Simple, in a world where sports science, nutrition, strength and conditioning and even technological advancements can level the playing field for many football players, the extra 1% that can make the difference between making the first team or not, making the varsity team or not or making the elite academy team or not can all come down to the speed at which mental decision making can be executed.


The players that are aware of the correct principles to follow at all times during a game, will be amongst those players that can think fast.


This course will allow players to see and understand the game in a logical, structured and coherent way which will give them the confidence to step on the field and direct operations no matter who they are playing with or against.

The level of game-understanding that a player will gain from this course is absolutely unrivaled anywhere in the world currently.


If you are looking to elevate your game to the highest level it can be, then this course is for you.

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