Mission Statement


Pep joins your coaching staff.

Pep Joins your Technical Staff

Pep Guardiola, after having left Man City, joined your coaching staff.

The first thing he does is walk into your coaches meeting with you and the rest of your staff.

You are discussing this week’s training and preparation for the upcoming match on the weekend.

Being a ‘possession based’ team, the staff discusses how to increase ball circulation, among other things and it is at this point that Rondos enter the conversation.

Your coaches begin to share how this Rondo or that Rondo can help with improving the technical ability of a player.

Another coach ventures how he loves Rondos because they are great for improving the speed of play of his players.

One keen coach shares that the reason he uses Rondos is because they help him work on back foot receiving with his players.

Finally, a coach tells the room confidently that he uses Rondos because they are the best way to provide fitness conditioning to his players.

Pep, being the new guy, patiently listens to all of these coaches talk about their experiences with Rondos and their reasons for using the them.

After all the coaches have had their say, they turn to Pep and ask him for his thoughts.

He pondered for a while, before replying “What is the intention behind these Rondos, why do you use them?”

The coaches, thinking that maybe Pep didn't understand them properly, quickly replied, “To develop this technical skill, or that way to receive a pass, or some fitness component.”

Pep, after processing what he just heard, paused again before responding with another question, “What are the specific principles, related to your Game Model, that demand these particular technical, tactical and fitness qualities from the players this week?”

Pep, seeing some confused faces in the room, tries again by posing another question, “What is the language you speak in football?”

After a long wait in silence, with several of the coaches looking at one another, one brave coach comes forward and says, “Mr Guardiola, to your first two questions I am not sure I can answer but to your last question I believe I know the answer, here the language we speak in football is English.”


As Pep takes in what he has just heard, another young coach chimes in, “Pep, for me I use a 4v4+3 Rondo when I only have 11 players as it fits perfectly and I can leave them to it whilst I set up the rest of my cones.”

With that, Pep begins to resignedly look for the door.

“So, what do you think Pep? How does that sound to you?”

Pep, now looking down at his shoes, says, “Guys, I am sorry, I do not believe this is going to work out for me here. You speak a language I do not understand.”

The coaches, obviously surprised, shoot back with optimism, “Pep, what do you mean? Your English is great. We understand each other perfectly.”

To which Pep replies, “I am not referring to English my friends. Best of Luck.”

Pep walks out the door.

At King Knight Methodology, our mission is simply to help coaches and players understand the language of football and the methodological principles needed to teach it effectively.