Coach Mentor Program


King Knight Coach Education is extending the opportunity to 10 coaches, under the age of 30, to receive mentoring from the our founders Grant Knight and Paddy King. 

This mentor scheme is entirely free of cost. 


It is designed to help young coaches, and the players in their ward, develop and improve as much as possible.

We also like to look at this project as a 'social experiment'.

In providing methodological, philosophical and cultural guidance to 10 young coaches, we are interested to see just how far the effect of the King Knight Methodology can reach.

King Knight will offer this mentorship and support through FaceTime, Text Message, Email, References and, if you ever find yourself in Cincinnati, face to face meetings too.

Our goal is to work with promising young coaches and over a period of 5 years help them achieve and realize their coaching ambitions in the game.

Our hope is that by constantly pushing the coaches outside of their usual comfort zone and by encouraging them to challenge the established norms and look beyond the status quo in the world of coaching, they will grow in stature in terms of their professional career and personal outlook.

The 10 selected coaches will receive the benefit of having free access to all King Knight online coaching courses for the duration of the 5 years of the mentorship.

In return, the coaches will provide feedback and updates to King Knight about what they are currently doing, how they are progressing and how the mentorship has helped them achieve success in the world of coaching.

In order to be considered, please send your resume and a brief cover letter talking about why you should be selected and specifically referencing your coaching career ambitions for the next 5 years to