Alchemy Coaching: Turning training into gold.
A Primer on Rondos and Positional Play.
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This paperback book is the primer on Rondos that will help coaches to develop an understanding of the universal and collective positional play concepts that are required in order to play, with a high degree of efficacy, a positional play style of football.

We will walk coaches through these concepts and show them how they can be traced back, from the 11v11 game itself, and implemented within a Rondo to ensure that the behaviors that the coach wishes to see from his Game Model, will emerge during training and competitive matches. ​


Coaches will see, layer by layer, why the Rondo is football’s most valuable training exercise as we demonstrate how Structured Training, Tactical Periodization, Complex Systems Theories and many other components, such as technical and cognitive development, come together and converge within the Rondo.  


The starting point for this book is theory but it culminates with fully formed Rondo activities for the coach to use right out of the book.

This is a fantastic place to start for coaches that may be unaware that Rondos are more than simple possession games and this book will serve as a great lead-in for the coach to develop an understanding of the positional play concepts that make up the game, allowing him to simplify and derandomize the game, making it easier for his players to understand and improve.

Expect the book within 10 days or so of ordering.


Author’s Bio vi

Dedications x

Preface xiii

The Coach: The True Alchemist xiii

Section 1

Chapter 1 The Beautiful Game 1

Chapter 2 Vision of the Game- Game Model 9

Chapter 3 Soccer Actions 19

Chapter 4 The Language of Positional Play 31

Chapter 5 The Five Intentions of Positional Play 41

Section 2

Chapter 6 Setting the Stage for the Free Man 53

Chapter 7 Dynamic Spaces 59

Chapter 8 Looking and its Effects  65

Chapter 9 Passing- Learning to Speak 71

Chapter 10 Passing- Learning to Speak Collectively 97

Chapter 11 Passing Strategies Within Circulation and Probing 107

Chapter 12 Control- Intentional Receiving  127

Chapter 13 Move- Intentional Occupation of Space 141

Section 3

Chapter 14 The Application of Rondos 161

Chapter 15 Holistic Development 165

Chapter 16 Holistic Training- New Paradigms and Theories 169

Chapter 17 How the Game Model Shapes a Rondo 183

Chapter 18 Objectives of the Rondo 197

Chapter 19 Rondo Activity Plans 213

Closing Remarks 235

Appendix 236

A Game Model and Accompanying Session Plans

This book consists of two parts.


The first part is the Expansive Game Model which has been revised from the first book.


The second part of this book is a collection of Session Plans which go hand in hand and, indeed, compliment the Game Model and provide a coach with the resources to be able to implement their Game Model into their training sessions and games.

This book serves as a 101 entry level guide to the online course that we offer on Game Models and Fundamental Principles by Position that can be found on our website.

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